Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing to attract more opens, more clicks, and more sales

 Contact Segmentation

Import and validate contacts then easily segment them into targeted subscription lists. Marketing Suite provides options for manual segmentation as well and smart rule-based lists that will keep lists updated based upon your defined rules.

Need a subscription list for Verified Contacts only? Our rule based list feature can manage that for you. Want to upload a CSV file to a dedicated list? No problem there either.


Simple Email Editor

Create impactful and responsive emails in minutes. You can customize and design your email content using our drag-and-drop email editor. 

Use merge tags to fill in contact details to better personalize your email and increase customer engagement




Campaign Analytics

If you don’t know what contacts are doing, how will you properly meet their needs?

 Every open, click, and submission is information you can use to improve your marketing.

Campaign Analytics lets you see exactly what contacts are doing so you can follow up and plan your next steps.

Pre-Written Industry Content

Stressed out about what to send next? Don’t worry, our pre-written industry content can provide ready-to-send messages for you to use in marketing campaigns with your contacts.

Setup weekly newsletters, drip email campaigns and more without ever writing a single word yourself.

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