Marketing Automation

The best email marketing is personal and timely. With our marketing automation, you can be sure to achieve this for every subscriber.


Scheduled Campaigns

Plan ahead and queue up your next newsletter series or webinar event.

Using our built-in campaign automation, you can create a single campaign that sends multiple emails based upon the actions your contacts take.

This is highly useful for being timely with next steps without sending to contacts who haven’t engaged with your initial message. 


Lead and Contact Scoring

How do you identify your most valuable contacts?


Marketing Suite has automatic lead and contact scoring based upon their engagement. The more emails they open and links they click, the higher the ranking. 

Contact Scoring gives you the power to easily filter and find highly engaged contacts that may be looking for added value.



Automated Workflows

Save time and resources while selling more with less effort.

Nobody wants to work harder than needed. Using automated workflows, you can easily make Marketing Suite work for you.

Setup the workflow, sit back, relax, and watch it go.  


Event Tracking

Without accurate event tracking, activity from your contacts goes unnoticed.

The contact activity feed shows every event and contact action that was taken. Form submissions, campaign sends, email opens, link clicks, workflow triggers and more.


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